Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Official Random Legacy Challenge App

Fed up of going to Random.org and rolling for numbers then looking them up in the table? Then try our App! All of your challenge rolls are generated automatically in one easy to use program :)

The new version of the Random Legacy Challenge App is located here: http://randomlegacychallengeapp.weebly.com/

It requires your browser to have Microsoft Silverlight to work (Tested and true to run on both Mac and Windows Operating Systems). If you can run Netflix, you can run this app! If you do not have it installed, instead of the app showing, it will have the Silverlight download link in its place.

The old desktop versions of the app:
Works on any operating system provided you have Java installed. (If not, it's free here!)
Older University Life Version: http://chii.modthesims.info/getfile.php?file=1350977
Older Season Version: http://chii.modthesims.info/getfile.php?file=1342440
Older SP/SN Version: http://chii.modthesims.info/getfile.php?file=1322207
Older SHT Version with new marital structure rules: http://chii.modthesims.info/getfile.php?file=1309553
Older SHT Version: http://chii.modthesims.info/getfile.php?file=1279480
Older Pets Version: http://chii.modthesims.info/getfile.php?file=1272974
Older Generations Version: http://modthesims.info/showthread.php?p=3573653#post3573653