Monday, 18 January 1999


Welcome to the new home of The Random Legacy Challenge - A Late Night Spin Off for every expansion!

The basic premise of the challenge is to play a Legacy Challenge where you roll from a set of random parameters to determine how your Sim's lives will be lived out, with specifications ranging from the marital structure, to careers, to goals for your Sims to complete during their time in your game.

The goal of the challenge is to add a bit of structure to a game that is essentially a sandbox. That sandbox can be overwhelming, and cheaty, and doesn't always offer incentives to mix up the way you play... but this challenge does! And if you blog about your adventures, we'll be there for the ride along with you.

From now on all updates, rule changes etc. will be placed here. There is a discussion thread for the topic here: which can be used to suggest ideas, upload your stories etc.

On this blog you will find the rules, as well as an additional section called "Optional Rules" which you can play with if you want. If a rule is not clear, please find our thread on MTS and ask for clarification, if you aren't comfortable coming up with your own interpretations. ;)

Above all, the challenge should be fun!

A little bit of history about the Random Legacy Challenge

Originally the brainchild of Tigger89 (who's original challenge can be found here: the idea was to play a Legacy Challenge where you rolled a set of random parameters and... well, basically it was a more rigid version of what the RLC is now, with less rolls.

Sadly Tigger89 disappeared from the challenge before the release of the Late Night expansion, and we were left without an update to include all the fancy new careers and life states and stuff. So, those of us who were still there began to make our own "House Rules" to fill in for Tigger's absence.

Early on, Severedsolo (on this blog as "Just Call me God") took over administration of the challenge and introduced new rolls and objectives by updating the thread at MTS.

Later on, as more and more expansions were released, the list of rules and possible rolls grew large and intimidating! We were afraid the sight of it would terrify new people, so the challenge was moved over to this blog. Severedsolo felt the challenge had grown into a "monster" that was "just too much for one man to keep a hold of"! So, now the challenge is administrated by Severedsolo, Calisims, Mimi250, NutandDolts, CinderEmma, and CyyKosis. And maybe some other people.

Anyway that's enough from me, lets go play Sims dammit.